Our Technology Health Check program will evaluate the tools you are using today and provide a comprehensive report on cost-effective alternatives to help you run your business more efficiently and professionally. 


  • Do you ever wonder if there is a better product available for emails, or maybe a better way to share files with external contacts or employees? 
  • Do you like your phone system or do you wonder if you are paying too much for the services you are getting? Have you ever thought about using a business class VOIP system?
  • How effective are you at managing all of your electronic files? Are they backed up regularly? Are you required to follow government laws like HIPAA or HITECH and if so, are you compliant?
  • Is your internet connection adequate? Are you using a firewall to protect your office? Have you ever tested the security of your Wi-Fi?
  • Do you understand the reliability of the technology you are using today, and do you have a plan in place if one or more of those products stops working? What effect will that have on your business, and what’s the cost to safeguard against that?

Our Solution

 Our Technology Health Check evaluates your overall use of technology and how effective it is in helping you run your business. Some of the areas we will evaluate include:

  • Phone Systems
  • Fax (internet based or hardware)
  • Meetings & Screen Sharing Online Tools (for virtual meetings)
  • Internet File Sharing options
  • Business Class Email
  • Backup & Recovery
  • Internet Infrastructure
  • Security
  • Speed
  • Redundancy (if required)

As a first step in the Health Check process, we will conduct a survey with you on which of these tools you use, and which ones are important to your business.  Our goal is to understand the significance technology plays in your business and determine if there are better options available today. We will then provide you with a documented report of our findings, outlining potential risks that we have identified and steps to mitigate them. We will also provide you with a lists of potentially less expensive options for the tools you are currently using and possible new tools you can use to improve the quality of workflow.   

Once the Health Check has been completed, you can apply these suggestions on your own or collaborate with Clearly Works to achieve these improvements. We use the Plan-Do-Study-Act (PDSA) Life Cycle approach for rolling out these changes – PDSA is a proven measurable tool for accelerating improvements.

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