All too often when I ask someone why they do the things they do, they answer: “Because it has always been done that way.” What we have found is that, 80% of the time, the originating reason is no longer applicable!  We have helped many organizations step back and re-engineer cumbersome processes and procedures. We will introduce you to best practices that will help you weed out steps that are no longer needed so you can be more productive and focus on what’s truly important to run your business or department. 



  • Do you know of a process in your department or company that seems like it could be improved?
  • Do you find you have a lot of “data” but little “information?”
  • Do you have virtual employees and find it hard to work together “in the cloud?”
  • Do you need to do more with less?


Our Solution

We will review how these challenges are affecting your business. We can assess a specific process, a particular department, or a company-level issue. We will review the tools you are using today to accomplish the work and discuss your ultimate goals and objectives. We’ll also spend some time getting to know your business better so we can align the resolution with your overall company strategy. 

After we have conducted the review, we will provide you with a document detailing our perspective on how that challenge could be modified to better meet your needs and objectives. We will also include a high level road map of how you might transition to this new process.  

Once our review has been completed, you can apply these suggestions on your own or collaborate with Clearly Works to achieve these improvements.  We use the Plan-Do-Study-Act (PDSA) Life Cycle approach for achieving these goals. PDSA is a proven measurable tool for accelerating improvements.

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