Having spent many years both as a vendor and as a consumer, we can work with you to prepare a comprehensive Request for Proposal and manage the process of finding the right vendor for your project. We can take the burden of researching options off your plate, guide you through the process of making a good technology decision, and help you choose a financially sound solution to move your business forward.



  • Have you ever thought about having your website redone but had no idea where to start, or who to hire to do the work? 
  • Have you ever spoken to a vendor and, after ten minutes of listening to their technobabble, you had no idea what they were saying? 
  • Do you need to replace your current production system but don’t have the capacity to find the right solution?


Our Solution

Finding the right vendor for your project can be tedious. Plus, it’s important for you to understand the factors that vendors use in developing a quote before you start inquiring. It's not unusual to receive a range of quotes from $10K - $150K for the same job! So how do you choose the right vendor? There are many factors to consider, but one of the key elements in obtaining comparable quotes is to make sure everyone is quoting the same scope of work. Another key element is to determine whether you can work with that vendor by asking the right questions to elicit the responses you need to make that decision. If the project is big enough, this process is best done with a well written request for proposal (RFP). 
At Clearly Works, we have experience in writing RFPs as well as experience in answering RFPs. We will work with you to determine what features are important for the success of your organization. Just as important is understanding what type of relationship you expect from the vendor, and what type of firm you want to do business with. Once we have that information, we will write an RFP and send it out to a handful of carefully selected vendors for a quote. If you have organizations you know you want to work with, we will work with them on your behalf – or if you need us to research the best vendors available, we will do that as well. After the quotes are received, we will review the vendor responses to ensure that all answers are complete, pursuing clarification when needed. We’re pretty good at spotting “fluff” or technobabble that a vendor may use to cover up an inefficiency they may have. Then we will work with you to interview the top candidates and ultimately pick the right vendor for your project. 
Some projects are not big enough to incur the costs of an RFP and may only require a few phone calls to find the right vendor for you. Clearly Works can assist you in this small project as well, and help guide you through some of the challenges presented by technical or software implementation.  

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